The First Thing to Spend Money on When You're Starting a Business

When you’re starting your business, there are so many things you’re “supposed” to be spending money on. You need a logo, a website, an LLC, website terms and conditions, and operating agreement, business cards, the list could go on forever.

Those expenses are important for starting your business. But there’s one that’s absolutely crucial, and when I finally figured it out it completely changed my business and profits almost immediately.

Everything changed for me when I joined a co-working space. Sealevel is currently based out of Advent Coworking in Charlotte, North Carolina. When I joined, I had just moved to Charlotte and didn’t really have many friends (other than my partner and his friends). I had taken six months off from my business for traveling and some other life interruptions (see my post about living in Alaska).

Joining a coworking space, and specifically Advent, took my business to the next level. Here’s why:

  1. Immediate community

    As it turns out, entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be lonely. While sitting at home in your sweatpants seems like a perk, it can get old, and lonely, super quick. I did the “work from my bed” thing and at first it was great, but it ended up giving me some serious motivation problems. How can you work in the same place you sleep? Your brain associates that place with being cozy and sleepy, so expecting your brain to be able to make that jump is just going to make it harder to sleep and work.

    But being an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be lonely. You don’t have to spend all day every day alone, in your apartment, wondering how you’re ever going to get another client. Joining a coworking space provided more than a place to do my work, it gave me a community to reach out to when I need to. A member helped me with branding, helped me with setting up my LLC, getting all the right legal documents, and so many other things. A coworking space is full of other entrepreneurs, who are willing to give advice and help to other members.

  2. After taking so much time off, other members of my co-working space were my first few clients after getting back in the game.

  3. Free food

  4. Free advice

  5. Regular networking events and reasons for collaboration

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